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When it comes to writing the thesis, students face some problems, and for those who have not written anything before even formulating the sentences can be difficult. Apart from this, they have to make sure the text is academic style and the references are correct. The internet is not only useful when we want to work, shop or find entertainment, but when we have to write a thesis or an assignment.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to check the chosen topic online with a click of the mouse. We will find many websites that discuss the topic in different depth. However, it is very important to note that we should rely on data only from trusted sites. But how can we know how much the writer of that article has worked on it? Knowing which website to trust is an essential element in the writing process. Creating a page of information copied and pasted from several websites is easy for everyone, although that is not enough when we want to write a dissertation. It is useful to choose a portal where an expert of the field has proofread the work of the author. An excellent decision is to use the experts’ own websites, blogs, where they usually publicize. Whatever we do, we should always avoid plagiarism. It is not only important in the case of online content, but also when we write assignments. Of course, there is a way to cite the experts in the field in our work, but in this case we should make sure that we cited correctly and the reference list is also carefully compiled.

However, it is not enough to browse the internet, we should also study books from the library, since in many cases, these can provide a more credible source of information in a given topic than the content on the internet. Credibility and uniqueness are features that have to be taken very seriously, no matter if we talk about a university or college assignment or dissertation. Content copied and pasted can be easily recognized by the expert eyes and it is not worth risking getting rejected. The final result always reflects the amount of work put in the writing.

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