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As your university studies come to an end, the semester will soon come when you have to choose a thesis topic. When you finish all the subjects, you will have to submit a draft title on a form that will be the subject of your subsequent thesis.

It’s not nearly as easy as it seems to be. At the beginning of your work, you may not be fully aware of how you will build your thesis.

  • Pre-orientation is an important aspect. Before you go and start thinking about it, you should check out the already written theses. There are some that are freely accessible and readable on your university database.
  • I suggest that you first give only an outline to your thesis, give different subtitles and write chapters. The perfect title itself will be drawn towards the end of the thesis. You will receive a list of topics from your consultant at the beginning, which you will be able to choose from.

For example:

You select the following theme: Different hospitality habits in European countries

At first it seems easy, because gastronomy is a popular and not too difficult topic. The only problem is that it is a big and comprehensive indication of the subject and that complete books can be written about it. You need to narrow it down a bit. If you know which countries you would like to present then it is much more exact if you write “Different hospitality habits in the Mediterranean countries of Europe (including Italy, Spain and Portugal, among others).

This is a much more specific title, highlighting the target group, possibly 2-3 countries you are presenting or comparing.

  • Another important aspect of thesis topics is that the topic you choose should not only relate to your studies, but also to you. You should be interested in it, because you will have to deal with it continuously for months.

It is also important to find out whether there is sufficient literature, periodicals and articles available for the chosen topic. If you choose a unique theme that can be linked, for example, to your practical location, ask your bosses or your colleagues for help because they may be more helpful than literature.

However, if your theme is very common, then you have to write something really outstanding because there is a danger of you repeating things that others have written about, so you have to create something unique.

  • Refinement is one of the last but not negligible aspects. Look at the thesis like it is a diamond, which needs constant refinement. You read it, insert some pictures, sources. The next day you retrieve it, you discover a few mistakes and fix it. You show your friends, teachers and ask for their opinion. You might discover something that needs to be improved, which you have not noticed before. In addition to your consultant, your friends and groupmates can also provide you with useful tips. Do not be afraid to ask others for advice, because it is not just about positive advice, but negative ones can help you a lot as well.

All in all, the point is to choose the topic properly and then work hard on it. Don’t forget, it is not only important for the committee to enjoy it, but also for you not to suffer as you work on it for months. The title of your thesis must be worded concisely in order to clearly express its content.